Jurnal Abdimas Berdaya : Jurnal Pembelajaran, Pemberdayaan dan Pengabdian Masyarakat, with registered numbers ISSN 2685-1563 (printed) and ISSN 2720-9768 (online), is an open-access scientific journal published by Litbang Pemas - Lamongan Islamic University.

Jurnal Abdimas Berdaya aims to publish implementation of the results of research dissemination and application of research in the field of Community Service with the following areas Human development and national competitiveness, Poverty alleviation based on local resources, Management of rural areas and island coasts, Economic Development, Entrepreneurship, Cooperatives, Creative Industries, Development of island-based technology and local resources, Health, nutrition, tropical diseases, and herbal medicines, Arts, literature and culture, as well as national integration.

Jurnal Abdimas Berdaya is published every six months (March and September).